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http://30SecondVideoMarketing.com/ Or Call 303-501-9250. Advertising Strategies: Conventional SEO or Video Marketing — Which gives you the best Value?

Advertising Strategies and the high return of YouTube Video Advertising Strategies. This video was created to illustrate the difference between conventional web based SEO, Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing. All three have their own merits and strengths of course, but due to the extreme competition with traditional web SEO and because Social Media requires such a large investment in time, both of these options tend to be both expensive time consuming processes. In contrast Video Marketing can generate results much faster and due to lower competition levels the financial investment is much lower.

Many of the techniques employed by SEO and Video Marketing are the same. Both require detailed keyword research in advance of creating the content so that you are targeting high traffic / low competition keywords. Also the content in both cases should be compelling and provide value for the visitors. Both make use of similar off-page and on-page optimization strategies. Video Marketing does have one extra element assuming you are taking advantage of the tremendous exposure offered within YouTube – that component is the optimization of the ‘social’ elements in YouTube.

This video is an illustration of the kind of results that you can expect with a simple Video Marketing campaign. Of course, you can generate similar results using web based SEO or Social Media Marketing, but if you try Video marketing you get better results, faster with a much higher return on your investment.

The high return of Advertising Strategies and the best YouTube Video Advertising Strategies.

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