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Apple Music and Taylor Swift Marketing Campaign Review

Mark Fidelman, Deb Lavoy and Michael Lieberman review the Apple Music campaign featuring Taylor Swift and Drake.

Remember the “bad blood” between Swift and streaming music service Spotify? Well Taylor Swift has teamed up with Apple in an influencer campaign to promote their Apple Music service.
The commercial was excellent and featured Swift running on a treadmill and listening to Drake’s Jumpman song on Apple Music. Suddenly Swift does a face plant on the treadmill yet still manages to finish the Jumpman lyrics while laying on the ground. Pure comedic gold.
Overall, the video’s been viewed 40 million times, and Swift’s tweet with the video has racked up 69,000 retweets and 119,000 likes.and 123,000 shares.
And the song featured in the ad, Drake’s “Jumpman,” are up 431 percent globally. Apple didn’t disclose how many streams or subscriptions the ad generated.
There were 1000’s of memes created of Swift falling down and Google shows 950,000 search results for the campaign.

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