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Best Internet Advertising Methods | Marketing Online | Internet advertising agencies

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Quickest most effective method to generate new leads for local businesses is the use of video and explainer type recordings. These will allow your customers to reach you AFTER they have decided what to buy ….so these are the leads you want.
others will tell you ”
1. use adwords….well, maybe later. Using adwords on Youtube will enhance your results on the organic search pages.
2. develop your website so that it is a lead generation site …not an informational site.
like this one http://www.metal-roofing-contractors.com …all I want for my clients is to make the phone ring….let someone else educate them
3. article marketing….write or have written tons of articles and disperse them all over the internet. wow…lots of work, time and money for an antiquated method of generating backlinks. Be better to share your video thru this method.
4. social media marketing….works in conjunction with spreading the word for your videos…and to engage your customers online. Nothing wrong with being social, it is good as a matter of fact. Just keep in mind, you are building a trusting relationship with your followers…
5. press releases….this works to build interest and views for your videos…
6. offer discounts and deals ….IF you have a low cost entry from your product/service inventory , this works. Idea is to give something of real value in exchange for their contact info to build an email list for further offerings.
7. list your business on the local and national directories…yes….in conjunction with an ongoing seo service like ours…these are built over time to avoid flagging.
8. have a mobile responsive site….yes …over 50% of people search and BUY using their cell phones and laptops…we do this also for a minimum monthly charge.
9. use social media ads…facebook ads can target segments of your target market like no other paid service. …use this to get more traffic to your videos.

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