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Best Real Estate Agent Websites | The “Beautiful” Website Myth

Best Real Estate Agent Websites | Realtor Website Design

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Your real estate agent website is the starting point—not the finish line—for your marketing. Since the majority of the world’s Internet traffic is delivered to a tablet or smartphone, it’s critical that you have your mobile home base all set up. That way, when people visit on their mobile device, they can enjoy your content without pinching, zooming, or squinting.

You can’t just sit back and expect everyone to come to you. You need to put the “mobile” in your mobile marketing by going out and engaging your prospects and customer where they hang out.

Email Marketing
According to Litmus, mobile now makes up the majority of email opens. Many people, this author included, often use their smartphone as a de facto junk filter. Email is how you keep yoour brand in front of potential clients, as well as past ones.

Social Media
The good news is that any of the content you publish to these platforms is almost invariably mobile-friendly. By creating engaging content—tweets, photos, even videos—you can get in front of your audience as they scroll through their newsfeed and engage with them.

Paid Advertising
You can do hyper-local targeted ads, which are fantastic when you have a physical location and you’re trying to reach a local audience.

Speaking of which, you can advertise on Yelp or TripAdvisor, which your ideal customer may be using right now to find a good sushi place or in town bed & breakfast.

And although we already discussed social media, running mobile ads on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, can provide insane ROI when done right.

Just make sure that if you’re going to spend money on a mobile advertising campaign, that you’re driving people to a mobile-friendly landing page. Otherwise you’ve just spent money to get them to curse your name and click the back button.

Video Marketing
YouTube videos represent a powerful means to be found in local search engines, as well as drive traffic to your website and landing pages.

There are plenty of video sharing platforms, but the 800lb gorilla is Google’s YouTube. According to some recent stats, more than half of YouTube’s views come from mobile, and mobile viewing sessions are over 40 minutes on average.

The same videos that you’re creating for YouTube are being consumed by your audience on a mobile device. And now with YouTube cards, you can annotate your videos with clickable buttons, driving people to your mobile website or landing page.

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