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5 Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram

My Ultimate Twitter Guide FREE DOWNLOAD (this is also the sign up for my newsletter): Comment with me: // You gotta keep it fun when you join Instagram, especially if you want people on the network to dig your business. They don’t take too kindly to the salesy type. So on today’s Social […]

International Business – 3 Tips for International Market Research free International business advice. business videos on international business. This video is on International marketing. 1 minute video

How To Use Instagram To Market Your Business – Chalene Johnson

Learn more about IG Impact and watch a FREE webinar with more Instagram Tips at: There is an incredible opportunity on Instagram RIGHT NOW to attract the exact type of customer you are looking for. Learn how to use Instagram to market your business with IG Impact! Get it here: This video was […]

For Blacks: Black Owned Business? Do You Even Market Brother

Black Owned Business? Do You Even Market Brother I think a lot of Black owned businesses are their own worst enemies. They have the worst product, that they charge a premium for, and they do no marketing. Then they are surprised when they go out of business. You cannot run a business without marketing. If […]

How to Market Your Own Shoe Line : Business & Marketing

Subscribe Now: Watch More: During the most recent economic shifts, small boutique and maker businesses have sprung up all over the world. Market your own shoe line with help from a money expert, sought after speaker, best selling author and President and CEO of Live Out Loud, Inc. in this free video clip. […]

3 Tips on How to Market & Start A Cake Business | Tutorial – Sharron’s Take

Hello. I was asked to share some personal tips on how to market your cake business. In this video I discuss 3 Tips I have personally used that will help expand your business. Don’t forget to SHARE, LIKE, & SUBSCRIBE!! THUMBS UPS FOR MORE VLOGS 🙂 __ Lover of Christ and Life!! I’m a Wife, […]

How To Market Your Business Online For Free – 12 Top Strategies

How to market your business online for free – 12 top strategies that work. – Let’s Connect! Twitter – Facebook – Google+ – In this video, I will show you marketing strategies that will help you increase traffic, leads, and sales for your local or online business. Without marketing, it doesn’t […]

“The difference between market intelligence, business intelligence and strategic intelligence”

Ivo Maasen is in charge of the market intelligence at Sappi Europe. Sappi is one of the biggest paper producer in the world. Ivo Maasen explains the differences between business intelligence, market intelligence and strategic intelligence. All three are becoming more and more important for any corporation. Spot the new trends, listen to customer and […]

CleanGuru – How Can You Target Market Your Cleaning Business for Growth? Who do you WANT to clean? Careful! You may be tempted to answer with a quick, Well, everyone and anyone who needs cleaning! Right? Well, not so fast, because in this episode of Flip My Cleaning Business from Painful to PROFITABLE! we reveal how picking who you want to clean can make the difference […]

Business English Vocabulary: The Stock Market Learn business English vocabulary: Whether you are investing in a bull or a bear market, you should know the common terms and expressions that stock brokers and mutual fund managers will use to discuss your options. In this lesson, we will go over some of the more common terms you will need to familiarize […]

Business plan part 5 – market analysis

A German Internet Marketer tells his secret – We move on to the next point, the market analysis: in which market segment do I wish to be active? What is the nature of this market? The first thing to consider is your target group. Consider this question: who are you trying to reach? Many […]

How To Use Instagram To Market Your Business

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How to Market Your Painting Business

Do you need to market your painting business? Here are 3 ways to keep your phone ringing year round with good leads for your painting business. Tom Reber, Business Coach for Contractors and former painting contractor shares how you can market your painting business and enjoy more leads and more sales. Want to lear more […]

How to Market a Home-Based Business

Watch more Advertising & Marketing 101 videos: Market your home based business as if you were a Fortune 500 enterprise. Learn to cover all the bases and focus your efforts to gain the greatest return. Step 1: Define it Define the market for the product or service of your home-based business. Research and experiment […]

Episode 11 – 5 Ways to Market Your Photo Business for Under $50

Like many of you, I have a very small marketing budget. I personally cannot justify spending a ton of money to run long campaigns on Facebook or Google Ad Sense in order to promote my work. Facebook also regularly changes their algorithm for organic posts, so it’s just not always wise to throw money at […]

3 Ways to Market Your Photography Business in 2016 – TGIK Ep 01

Fashion Photographer, Jeff Rojas and Portrait Photographer, Miguel Quiles discuss three ways that they’re marketing their photography business in 2016. â–şFollow me on Twitter: â–şFollow me on Facebook: â–şFollow me on Instagram:

How to Brand Yourself or Your Business and Standout in Your Market | Dan Martell

How do you create a brand that stands out in your market? Do you know your brand values and what it stands for? In this video, I share the 3 most important steps you need to take to nail your branding and stand out in the marketplace. 4 Steps To Finding Your Brand’s Soul 4 […]

How To Use Instagram To Market Your Business

*** OPEN ME ++ SHOW MORE *** / / / / / / / / / / / ** HOT LINKS ** \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ WATCH HOW I USE INSTAGRAM AS A MARKETING TOOL: THE SPARK LOUNGE! FREE Instagram MasterClass here: Learn how to […]

Small Business Marketing Tip: How to do your market research

Please go to to receive more cool stuff. We love spoiling our community. (PS: Your information is save with us, we hate spam as much as you do). On today’s Basic Bananas TV we discuss the importance of researching your market and how to go about it. There are four easy ways for you […]

Marketing Strategies For Small Business – 3 Keys To Successfully Market Your Business Online

â–ş Download your free copy of The One Page Business Plan Here – There are so many marketing strategies for small business out there that it can be challenging trying to decide what strategy is best for your small business. Which is why on this episode, we’re going to go over 3 keys to […]