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Mark Simmons: Creativity, Marketing & Advertising Guru, Punk Marketing Author, Keynote Speaker

Mark Simmons is a marketing whiz kid who has been at the cutting-edge of business creativity for over twenty years and has run global advertising at The Coca-Cola Company, founded revolutionary London ad agency Anti-Corp and been a senior executive at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, one of the most innovative ad agencies in the world. […]

What’s The Differences Between Advertising and Public Relations? DIY Marketing TV

( Lauren Darr explains the Differences Between Advertising And Public Relations for DIY Marketing TV. Get FREE download “Top 3 Pitfalls of Marketing” at

LA Social Media Marketing | Top Social Media Advertising Agency

Social media marketing + advertising agency based in Los Angeles, CA. – Los Angeles Advertising provides social media marketing in LA and surrounding nationwide areas. Our mission is to provide the best social media marketing services on the market. We use social media networking websites like facebook, twitter, & pinterest to gain exposure for […]

A Theology of Marketing and Advertising

What can we learn about marketing and advertising from studying who God is? How does God brand himself to us and how do we communicate God’s brand as his people? What does it mean to be a divine image bearer? David H. Kim discusses how valuing the material world is in line with communicating God’s […]

How to Dress for a Client Coordinator Interview : Marketing & Advertising

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Client coordinator interviews always require you to pay very close attention to how you choose to dress. Dress for a client coordinator interview with help from a business communication coach and trainer in this free video clip. Expert: Di-Anne Di Re Bio: Di-Anne Di Re, founder of Media Resources […]

Introduction to marketing and advertising

Take my introduction to marketing course: And take my full marketing strategies course on how to reach 1,000,000 people: Visit for more marketing advice and our marketing mobile apps that give you an introduction to marketing and advertising. Introduction to marketing and advertising. In this video I discuss the fundamentals of how […]

Propaganda, Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising – Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays

Propaganda, Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising: Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays Propaganda has been around basically since the dawn of man in one form or another. But when it comes to modern propaganda, there are a few names that stand out. This documentary focuses on the origins of modern propaganda, and the practical applications. Ivy […]

Advertising & Marketing Techniques Aimed at Children

Marketing and Advertising Trends 2016

In the early days of the year many experts rush to make lists with predictions that will influence the strategies of brands in the near future. In Tiempo BBDO we asked 10 experts true visionary. They know better than anyone what trends and developments brands will incorporate into their communications strategies. Predictions for Social Media, […]

The Requirements for Ad Sales for a Newspaper : Marketing & Advertising

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Advertising sales representatives for newspapers are considered a crucial part of their industry. Learn about the requirements for ad sales for a newspaper with help from a business communication coach and trainer in this free video clip. Expert: Di-Anne Di Re Bio: Di-Anne Di Re, founder of Media Resources […]

English for Marketing and Advertising – Sylee Gore

Download Ebook: English for Marketing and Advertising – Sylee Gore English for Marketing and Advertising – Sylee Gore English for Marketing and Advertising – Sylee Gore

Salon Growth Series #5- Marketing Vs Advertising

On today’s episode, Chris looks into the key differences between two terms that are so often tangled together: Salon Marketing and Salon Advertising. Oh and if you’re looking to bring your business to the next level, why not request a free demo today:

FREE Facebook Marketing & Advertising Tips & Tricks. Small Business Millions

How to advertise & Market on Facebook for FREE. 10 Tips and tricks we use to reach potential customers. Don’t forget to Like, Share, & Subscribe Twitter @smallbizmillion

The Difference between Advertising & Marketing Advertising is a shotgun approach to getting your message out. Generally, the advertiser will create a piece of content, whether it is an article, television or radio commercial or a magazine advertisement and put it out there for all to see. Marketing is much more specific and focused. Rather than a shotgun, you are […]

The Difference between Marketing and Advertising: What is Marketing?

What is marketing? What is the difference between marketing and advertising? In this video, Joy explains how much really goes into marketing, as compared to advertising and promotion. Advertising and promotion are specific ways to push your message out to leads, prospects and customers. Marketing, on the other hand, is much more comprehensive and complex […]