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Sprite Giant Soda Machine Shower Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

In Brazil, beach-goers are enjoying the sun and refreshing taste of Sprite soda. Not to mention the free shower! Yes, that’s right…Sprite installed a giant shower on the beach! Before you go any further, let me first clarify that it wasn’t actually Sprite soda, but a water shower. With that being said, what a brilliant […]

Guerrilla Marketing Campaign- Brand Activation – LOVEFiLM

Creative Experiential Marketing Agency London | Promotional staff Love Creative Marketing can produce amazing guerrilla marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness in a creative and unique way. Subscribe to our channel to keep track of our future campaigns or visit us on our website.

Tips For Creating An Influencer Marketing Campaign That Will Go Viral

Justin Simon and Mark Fidelman of Fanatics Media discuss a theoretical influencer marketing campaign and how to build creative around it to go viral. ****************************************************** Want to hire us? We create digital marketing campaigns that drive revenue and massive awareness for your company. ******************************************************* Find us on Social Media Twitter: LinkedIn: […]

webVDEO – Improve My Marketing Campaign – Company Animated Video (888) 558-2263 webVDEO – Improve My Marketing Campaign. Whether you’re in need of a web design, graphic design, logo design, branding, social media optimization, search engine optimization, website intro video, tutorial video, video testimonials, training videos, promotional videos, viral videos, or corporate videos, webVDEO can deliver. Each of our services is created to cater […]

Distracted Walking- Social Marketing Campaign

The Cinderella Story Of A Small Marketing Campaign That Went Global

Malaysian shoe store, Shoes Shoes Shoes , created a unique matchmaking service by re-imagining the classic Cinderella tale for the 21st century.

Running an Integrated Marketing Campaign

In this clip from – Mike King, a veteran music marketing manager discusses how to run a strategic and integrated marketing campaign that takes advantage of every bit of exposure you get in order to build your audience, your retail presence, and your radio and press profile as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Create Drip Marketing Campaign – Wise Agent CRM

How to create a Wise Agent Create Drip Marketing Campaign.

eTalks – The Secrets of Food Marketing

Think you aren’t being fooled by advertising tricks? Take a look at this so-called expert revealing food marketing’s secret weapon. No amount of marketing makes factory farming acceptable. You can stop the spin at ——————————- This film was created by Catsnake ( for Compassion in World Farming (CiWF – For more information, please […]

B2B Marketing: Cisco Creative Marketing Campaign Cisco’s field marketing initiative at Victoria Station London in 2008.

Dove Choose Beautiful | Women all over the world make a choice

Would you describe yourself as beautiful? In our latest film Choose Beautiful, we travel to San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo to prove that beauty is a choice – and the power of this choice is in your hands… Visit the Choose Beautiful hub [] Subscribe to our YouTube channel [] Go behind-the-scenes […]

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Tips

See tips on how to create a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Success Factors: direct mail lists, direct mail offer, direct mail creative, direct mail personalization, direct mail size. More tips at

The Best Mobile Marketing Campaigns in the World 2015 – Thea Frost

Thea Frost reviews the Best D&AD Pencil Winning Mobile Marketing Campaigns from 2015. You can join Thea on her D&AD Creative training course ‘Designing For Mobile’: D&AD represents global creative, design and advertising communities and celebrates brilliance in commercial creativity.

Experiential Marketing Campaign – Vitamin Water

Creative Experiential Marketing Agency London | Promotional staff Love Creative Marketing will get your target audiences engaged in live brand experiences that create long-lasting and meaningful connections. Subscribe to our channel for more experiential marketing updates. Jessie J explains her experience.

How to budget internet marketing campaign

Learn about how to budget internet marketing campaign and online marketing budgeting. Our how to budget internet marketing campaign video : Our how to budget internet marketing campaign channel : Thanks for checking our How to budget internet marketing campaign video and hope you enjoy online marketing budgeting.

Apple Music and Taylor Swift Marketing Campaign Review Mark Fidelman, Deb Lavoy and Michael Lieberman review the Apple Music campaign featuring Taylor Swift and Drake. Remember the “bad blood” between Swift and streaming music service Spotify? Well Taylor Swift has teamed up with Apple in an influencer campaign to promote their Apple Music service. The commercial was excellent and featured Swift running […]

Marketing Campaign Analysis with Data Visualization from SAP Lumira

Demo: A global marketing manager, after receiving a spreadsheet summary on the latest results of a multi-channel marketing campaign in the US, analyzes the campaign’s performance. The manager notices that the customer satisfaction scores and number of leads/opportunities are much lower on the West coast. An investigation shows that the poor performance is due to […]

Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Rural Marketing Campaign.

Coca-Cola Marketing Strategy

This video is about Coca-Cola’s marketing campaign strategy.

Suicide Squad – Integrated Marketing Campaign Overview [HD 720p]


Mercedes-Benz Invisible Car Campaign

Designed to capture the attention of consumers and bring attention to cars that don’t significantly impact the environment, Mercedes has launched an inventive advertising campaign regarding hydrogen-powered cars. Mercedes-Benz has created a new commercial to promote a vehicle that uses F-CELL hydrogen technology. Designed to advertise the car’s ability to produce zero emissions and protect […]