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Mak2 Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Assignemnt

Mitchell Singh presents Mak2(Katie Blackford,Kasia Lomanska,Amy Date-Beadon) assignment.

A Day in the Life of Niki, Marketing Communication Specialist @ Schneider Electric

A day in the life of Niki, a Marketing Communication Specialist at Schneider Electric in Chicago.

Intro to Marketing: Marketing Communication – Flipped Classroom

Intro to Marketing: Chapter 10: Marketing Communication By Mr. Tan Teck Ming (Terence Sobbez Tan) Taylor’s University (Lakeside Campus) Taylor’s Business School Collaborative Research Project with: Mr. Liew Tze Wei (Multimedia University)

Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy

Marketing Communication major: Marissa Kelley works with real clients

Marketing Communication major Marissa Kelley says that she worked with real clients early on in the marketing program. (Filmed and edited by Emerson students.)


MCC est un cursus en 3 ans (Licence 3, Master 1 et Master 2) qui permet d’acquérir une double compétence en marketing et communication avec une compréhension de l’approche internationale et interculturelle de la communication. Facebook :… Twitter : Linkedin :

Global Marketing Communication and Advertising Program (GMCA)

The Master of Arts in Global Marketing Communication and Advertising (GMCA) program provides students with an in-depth understanding of global branding and communication strategies. Our curriculum emphasizes a team-based approach, which means you’ll work closely with your peers to tackle case studies and simulations of global marketing communication campaigns. Graduates have gone on to successful […]

Think Rich: Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Created by Amber Gibbs Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Full Sail University | Masters PR Program

Integrated Marketing Communications for International Marketing

Overview of IMC issues and considerations for international marketing, designed for university students.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) – Doritos

For bachelors of business administration students or related degree, these videos will guide you!

Marketing communications: The role

The role of marketing communications is to create brand values and provoking behaviour. More videos

Introduction to Marketing – Lecture 23 Marketing Communications — FREE Course

Introduction to Marketing – Lecture 23 Marketing Communications

Intergrated Marketing Communication Plan Video MKT/571

MKT/571 Week 5 Assignment.

Marketing Communications Plan Template

A template to create a marketing communications plan presentation. There are five stages in the plan and each is color-coded to facilitate organization and communication. The key stages include: strategy, programs, tactics, budget, and reporting. There are many other Demand Metric tools & templates linked inside of this planning template to assist with the process. […]

Marketing Communications Theory and Practice: Heineken-Spectre Campaign (Group Presentation)

Here’s our Group Presentation on the recent Spectre campaign by Heineken. This presentation is part of the Marketing Communications Theory and Practice module at Manchester Metropolitan University. Group: Alex Warrilow, James Coe and Tom Bushell. No copyright intended. All external sources are not owned by us. Clips from the video can be found at: […]

Integrated Travel and Tourism Marketing Communication – Made Easy Travel & tourism marketing made easy. Tourism Review Digital Network, a leading multilingual travel and tourism industry news channel introduces the Integrated Tourism Marketing Communication approach for the global tourism industry. Reaching a local travel and tourism markets such as Russia, Americas, Gulf countries, French or German speaking countries, China, Indonesia, and etc. through […]

Marketing Communication | Massey University

The business based Marketing Communication major teaches you the skills and critical thinking needed to create effective marketing campaigns. Click ‘SHOW MORE’ below for more information. Watch the video and hear all about Jesse’s journey so far. He’s still a student, but has already been able to apply what he’s learnt to his job as […]

How to write an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan by Suzanne Scholz

Components for writing an IMC Plan.

The next stage in sales, marketing & communication: Wes Schaeffer at TEDxTemecula

Wes Schaeffer is an author, speaker, consultant, and owner of The Sales Whisperer, a sales training and marketing firm. A graduate of both the United States Air Force Academy and Texas A&M, Wes says he is bi-lingual in “Geek” and “Bubba,” but hailing from the South, he prefers Bubba. A resident of the Temecula Valley […]

Marketing communications : the constituent tools

Learn more @ Marketing communications mix :Sales promotion, advertising, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling by Chris Fill. For book on Marketing Communication please Digital Marketing Management for Social Media Managers – Udemy Course

Comprendre les bases du Marketing

Découvrez les outils et techniques de base du Marketing et apprenez à les exploiter efficacement avec cette vidéo de nos services Intelligence. Pour plus d’informations sur nos services de conseil et d’accompagnement en Marketing et Développement d’affaires: