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„Mniej niż zero” — kampania banku Millenium [] „Mniej niż zero” zaśpiewa w reklamie banku Millennium kapela w składzie: różowy ptaszek, królik i skunks. Nowa kampania promująca Dobre Konto rusza 17 lutego. Reklamie towarzyszy cover znanego utworu Lady Pank „Mniej niż zero”.

Fervex o smaku malinowym [] Spot wyprodukowany na potrzeby kampanii jest aktualizacją reklamy wyprodukowanej w zeszłym roku. Spot powstał w związku z wprowadzeniem na rynek nowego wariantu produktowego — Fervexu o smaku malinowym.

Atari & Amiga Computer Marketing News From 1985

News about Atari and Commodore Amiga personal computer marketing back in ca 1985 and which one shall suit your needs. Please like / subscribe / comment / share and enjoy your stay! Get awesome games at a cheap price ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Twitch ► Join Pateron now and start […]

Digital Coffee #FacebookLive – Social Media & Digital Marketing News 3rd Feb 2017 Augmented branded lenses for Facebook * Another Snapchat rip off * Good product for large businesses which may leave more space for small business in traditional ads * First one will be a freebie * Would you use them? I’m thinking Star Wars and yes I would Twitter working on abuse * String […]

Youtube Marketing News deutsch Teil 1

Youtube Marketing News deutsch Teil 1 Das ist das erste Video besser gesagt der erste Hangout zu den Youtube Marketing News deutsch. Habe den Tipp den ich Ihnen hier gebe auch gleich mal selber angewandt. Mal sehen wie es läuft. Hat eine Zeit lang gedauert, aber ich bin mir sicher es wird sich mit vielen […]

Leżajsk Chmielowe [] Spot z kampanii marki Leżajsk „Wolno wolno”. Komunikacja ATL: agencja Just Realizacja spotów: Film Produkcja Działania digital: Focus Media Group Planowanie i zakup mediów: Mediavest Przygotowanie opakowań: agencja Wilk PR marki Leżajsk: Roots PR

This Week’s Marketing News. McKayla’s Not Impressed: Marketing Update 8/10/12

This Week’s Marketing News. McKayla’s Not Impressed: Marketing Update 8/10/12 from Marketing Update on Like this? Watch the latest episode of Marketing Update on on Blip! This week on the Marketing Update, Andrew Quinn and Ellie Mirman discuss marketers collecting useless analytics, search being undervalued but driving brand perception, top reasons to […]

Revista Marketing News Colombia – Edición 53

Revista líder en Marketing con columnistas internacionales de alto nivel. Actualízate de las últimas novedades, eventos y tendencias a nivel nacional e internacional de la industria del marketing, publicidad, tecnología, innovación y diseño. Editor General. @juanpis @MarketingN

DMALive: Social Advocacy and Attribution [Direct Marketing News]

A Q&A with Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. – “Daj się poznać” (30 sek.) [] Spot kampanii “Daj się poznać” promującej portal randkowy

India E-Commerce Trails Behind Other Retail Methods: Global Marketing News

Research has revealed that e-commerce levels in India are trailing far behind traditional retail methods, total ad spending in Germany increased by over 4% last year to 28 billion Euros, and flip-phones rose in popularity in Japan last year, while smartphones fell in popularity.

Reklama Windows 8 [] 22 października wystartowała kampania wizerunkowa nowego systemu operacyjnego firmy Microsoft — Windows 8.

Net marketing news 10 1 2017 Donald Trump and Alibaba founder to create ‘1 million’ U S jobs Unlike

Net marketing news 10.1.2017 Donald Trump and Alibaba founder to create ‘1 million’ U.S. jobs? Unlikely. BEIJING — Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, strolled into Trump Tower on Monday to talk to Donald J. Trump about a plan to create 1 million U.S. jobs — or that’s how they sold […]

BREAKING NEWS : The Multi-Level Marketing Zombie Virus

BREAKING : A new strain of virus is causing victims to be instantly brain dead. Do you have friends who are infected! Are YOU infected? Share this news video with 5 of your friends, and then those 5 friends can share to their 5 friends and then those 5 friends can then share with their […]

Yonego News Network #3 | Internet Marketing News May 2016

YNN Episode 3 | Internet Marketing News May 2016 Content in YNN: Video ads are coming to Pinterest: Your Pinterest experience is about to get richer and more interactive — with video ads, that is. Video ads have been a consideration for the company for almost a year, with the launch of Cinematic Pinsin May of […]

Milo Marketing News

Marketing News Milo

Alexander Cockburn vs. Steve Forbes: Finance, Industry, Investing, Marketing News (1992)

Alexander Claud Cockburn (/ˈkoʊbərn/ koh-bərn; 6 June 1941 — 21 July 2012) was an Irish American political journalist and writer. Cockburn was brought up in Ireland but had lived and worked in the United States since 1972. Together with Jeffrey St. Clair, he edited the political newsletter CounterPunch. Cockburn also wrote the “Beat the Devil” […]

Digital Marketing Trends | Digital Marketing News

Most of the people ask what is the Digital Marketing Trends and News. we have tried to answer their question by showing different companies analysis report. visit us: Call us for FREE DEMO: 9490405000

Direct Selling Marketing India Future Growth Statistics Companies Hindi List News Industry 2016 IDSA

Direct selling, one of the oldest and traditional forms of selling, is likely to reach Rs. 64,500 crore billion in India by 2025, a FICCI-KPMG report said on Tuesday. Direct selling has already emerged as a successful industry in over 100 countries, with a market size of USD 180 billion. ♣♣♣♣♣ KPMG FICCI Report […]

„We mnie jest rock” – reklama Antyradia [] Spot z drugiego etapu kampanii wizerunkowej Antyradia. Kreacja: LiquidThread. Produkcja: F25. Zakup mediów: Zenith.