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Learn how to reach your audience and potential business partners through research, brand integration and social metrics. These days filmmakers are required to balance business and creative on a daily basis. How do you determine the best marketing and business strategy for your film and projects with varying scopes? This panel will look at the […]

5 digital marketing strategies This is my video that talks about 5 great digital marketing strategies. 1. Authority Content Website Portal, 2. Email Marketing, 3. Social Media Marketing, 4. Mobile Marketing, 5. Referral Marketing. These are 5 key areas that every successful business can employ in one degree or another. It all starts with your website and very […]

What makes apple’s marketing unique? What your small business can learn from apple’s marketing strategy. Apple’s marketing strategy is powerful and has made them the success story they are. Apple uses unique marketing techniques. What is unique about apple’s marketing technique? This video deconstructs apple’s marketing secret! You can apply this in your small business marketing. Who are we? […]

A Real Facebook Marketing Strategy That Works

In this Facebook marketing video I am going to show you a Facebook marketing strategy that works and a Facebook marketing plan that has been over used and that you shouldn’t use anymore. Using Facebook for marketing can explode your business, but you have to use it the right way. As Facebook is getting very […]

25 Twitter marketing strategies: Twitter marketing plan tutorial for your business to get retweets

This is a sample lecture from my big marketing strategies course with over 10 hours of content and 100+ lectures. The link to the full course is here: Here is my Amazon author page with the 6 books I wrote:… For more Twitter marketing strategy and overall marketing and business help, check out […]

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy | Chris Hexton

In this video, Chris Hexton, Founder of, reveals 3 top tips about Email Marketing Strategy – Automation, Personalisation and Structure. Join Mindvalley Insights for more like this – Mindvalley Insights is an initiative started by Mindvalley to openly share the best business practices that allow us to get closer to achieving our goal: […]

Music Marketing Strategies: How To Turn Strangers Into Fans Effortlessly: Music Marketing If You Want To Discover How Unsigned Music Artists Are Making 0,000 Per Year While Building Massive Music Fans & Selling More Music Concerts, & Shows Click Here To learn how to make money while you build your music career click here—

Music Marketing: Strategy [7 Steps] (Music Business Lesson MM-001)

C’mon over to to get your free 3-part video training series for musicians. In this lesson James Taylor of the Music Business Institute goes through the 7 steps of successful music marketing. It’s both a blueprint and a roadmap that you can also use to create the kind of music career you desire. It’s […]

Marketing techniques #1: Why are some beauty products or brands always on sale?

READ ME PLEASE! Facebook, where I answer commonly asked questions: (see the ‘notes’ section–does not require fb acct) Twitter: @gorgeoispig Instagram: @veronicagorgeois Don’t forget to subscribe for more beauty videos! Video Notes: These strategies are used across all commercial industries, but we’re focusing on the beauty industry here. Clarification: When I say “Physicians […]

Les techniques de Marketing pour vous vendre n’importe quoi…

Cette femme va expliquer à l’audience comment l’industrie alimentaire manipule les consommateurs par le biais du marketing. Elle va s’exprimer de manière réaliste, et avec un brin de cynisme… Les visages de l’assistance se décomposent graduellement au fil de son exposé. Il est vrai que la réalité est bien moins flatteuse que ce que l’on […]

Digital Marketing Basics – Basic marketing techniques to grow your business | Modern Marketing Ep 7

► Download your free copy of The One Page Business Plan Here – Digital marketing (aka online marketing or sometimes even internet marketing) can be tricky, especially without a solid digital marketing strategy. Which is why on this episode we’re talking about the ever important, digital marketing basics, basic marketing techniques to grow your […]

Marketing : Les Techniques De Segmentation

Module Marketing: Les Techniques De Segmentation.

Offline Marketing techniques ~ Cedrick Harris

If the Internet Disappeared Tomorrow, Cedrick Shows You How To Build a Business Without It, Using Simple Marketing Techniques…

Supermarket Marketing Techniques and the Psychology of Shopping

Have you ever wondered why supermarkets design the stores the way that they do? Well wonder no more as in this video resource you will learn the marketing methods that the supermarkets use. There are good subject links with both business and psychology being evident in this resource.