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Event marketing ideas & tips: how to effectively promote an event to get strong attendance

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This tutorial is all about event marketing tips, ideas, strategies for how to effectively promote events. I explain everything you need to know about event promotion and how you can promote your events to get strong attendance.

In this video I give a real-world example of how to built an event series. I know about event marketing first hand because I built an event series from zero attendance to overwhelming attendance where I had to turn people down. I came up with all the event marketing strategies on my own, and on zero marketing budget.

I will explain how to promote your event to get great attendance by doing event marketing on a local level by getting local PR (press), blogs, social media, and much more. I will even explain how I got to promote my events and get press from local newspapers, and event big sites and publications. My event series was even mentioned on NPR radio.

The event I was trying to promote was group hikes. And I was trying to promote those events as a part of my marketing for my website that I was trying to build at that time which was http://www.comehike.com – now it is a bit of a dead site, but when I was doing event marketing for it, this site had lots of traffic and was earning reasonable money.

At first, my event marketing techniques didn’t work, but then I slowly figured out how to promote events and as I became more savvy, the event grew.

Here is what I did for my event marketing. First, my event marketing had to be centered around a great title or headline for the event. So as you come up with event ideas, think of great potential headlines with which to promote your event. Without a great and catchy event title, it will be very difficult to do your event marketing very effectively because the headline is the first thing that people see. And if the headline doesn’t get people excited, they just won’t look further. But keep in mind, don’t just have a great event title and do event marketing using that title. The event itself must live up to its title or people will get mad at you for false advertising.

Having a great and catchy title for my events allowed me to promote my events on other sites. There are many event marketing sites for just about every geographical area so you should take advantage of those. They can drive a lot of attendance to your events.

So I would post the fun-sounding events on my site and local event marketing and promotion sites. You can also create a meetup.com account, but it costs /month or so.

Then as a part of my event marketing, I took advantage of all the social components of the events. Most events are social and people attend them with friends and family. So make sure to get people to bring friends.

Additionally, part of social media marketing for events is meetup.com which has many people looking to attend events. And there are existing meetup groups so partnering with those groups can drive a lot of people to your event and should be a part of your event marketing strategy.

And also, be consistent. When I started with my event marketing, I was getting zero people to show up. But I only made the event successful by being persistent promoting it over time. So don’t give up!

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