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How Do I Get Business from LinkedIn? LinkedIn Marketing Expert Interview

Watch the interview for tips on how to INCREASE YOUR REVENUE THROUGH LINKEDIN MARKETING.

Kansas City LinkedIn expert shares his top THREE tips on LinkedIn + awesome action Items

This month we had the privilege of interviewing Mike Montague from Sandler Sales Training in Kanas City. Mike is the a sales trainer at Sandler Sales Training, a lifelong technology expert and author of, LinkedIn – The Sandler Way.

These are the top tips that Mike gave us to help business owners in Kansas City increase their sales via LinkedIn

Tip #1- Prepare your site for Window Shoppers- Your prospects actually do look you up!

Action items:

Make sure that your profile is completely filled out
Make it RIDICULOUSLY easy for people to get a hold of you
Include your email and phone number MULTIPLE times throughout your profile
Get recommendations from your network

Tip #2- Treat LinkedIn as a networking event

LinkedIn is a tool to help you foster and maintain relationships
Do in LinkedIn what you would do at a networking event
Remember that you don’t form relationships by ONLY talking about yourself
Add to your network the people that you know and trust (think QUALITY not QUANTITY)

Tip #3- Use LinkedIn as a research tool

Before you meet with a client, look them up- This will give contractors an edge
if they go into a home already knowing who your prospect is
Research your competitors
Look up if you and your prospects have connections in common

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