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How To Do Direct Marketing (Direct Marketing Tips)

Here are my top 3 favorite direct marketing techniques that you can implement in your business.

Today we are going to talk about direct marketing and my best lessons that I have learned in the last eight years of doing marketing.

The first thing that you need to know when starting with direct marketing is that most companies do direct marketing by asking some other companies to promote their own stuff in Instagram or in YouTube.”

That is a big mistake, because they do not build their own list, they just say: “Tell them to buy this now”, instead of getting their email address and keep sending them offers forever.”

Why is that such a big mistake? Most people will not buy immediately. Some will buy, but most will not buy on the first try. That is why you should build a list.

In internet marketing there is something called affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing sometimes gets a bad name. Here is why!

Lots of people in affiliate marketing promote whatever that makes them the most amount of money, they just find an offer that has the highest earnings per click and they promote that, they do not care about the quality or about the audience.

The problem with that is, it`s good for a short term, in fact very profitable for a short term, but for a long term, you are making the audience not trust you anymore. The only thing that you have as a marketer is trust basically.

The client that keeps coming back to you for twenty – thirty purchases is much more valuable than the person who buys just one. It is much easier to nurture an existing relationship than to get a new client, to get a new relationship.

The next thing I want to talk about is long content. There is short content like small emails and stuff like that.

However, if you make YouTube videos, a long blog post and you make long content, what happens there is, it`s an other certain type of person that has the attention to listen to you and likes the content. Those people tend to be better customers, spend more money, because they already know your stuff from watching so much content. They have invested their time into your stuff so much, that they are more likely to take additional steps, like buying from you.

So you should start developing some content, some marketing messages that are longer. If you have a sales video, try longer sales video to sell that super expensive item or product.

Another thing you should pay attention to is that people will not buy your most expensive stuff from day 1. It is better to start off with something cheaper instead of going with the 0 product.

It is necessary these days to prove what you are worth with a cheap product. And then you can go ahead and make a profit. The biggest companies do not make profit from the first 2 – 3 products that they sell, they make profit in the long run after a few months of selling to the same list, to the same people. That is how you build a huge list fast and then monetize and make millions of dollars instead of trying to make it quickly and earn just a few hundreds of dollars.

The next thing that I like to focus on is developing my voice. What does this mean? It is actually a lot of the things that you spend time thinking about and focusing on – the ideas, the concepts and values that you represent.

When people read your emails, your blog post, you should have your voice in their head and even if they hear some certain phrases, they should have your voice in their head. They should attribute that to you, that is what you should develop, that is called your voice.

Even if you hire people, if you train them for several months to be able to write as if they are you. You can not do this super quickly. It may take a serious amount of time to research and make sure if the content sounds like you.

That is what I recommend for you. So, as you develop your voice, you also develop your story and that is the story of your business, of your values.

These are the top tips that I have for you on how to do direct marketing.

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