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How to market your beauty salon business

Hi Evan,

Hope you doing good! I would like to thank you for all those inspirational articles, you’ve mailed me, Its has really inspired me a lot in many ways.

As you know, I am working for an ad agency & its been a year,before I used to do only client co-ordination & now I am fed up of that role, as I asked my boss, for the client servicing role.Though, I don’t have much experience. As of now, I am working on one new project, i..e.. beauty salon & spa. The ppt what I had prepared was not good at all. The Beauty salon, which I am working now is not-well developed, though they’ve PR agency. They are here from past 10 years, its an Unisex salon.Could you please tell me, what are the best ways to market their brand & get people to know about their services.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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