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How to Start an Information Marketing Business Online – Start Your Own Online Information Marketing


How to Start an Information Marketing Business Online – Start Your Own Online Information Marketing Business

Hey Jon Leuty here once again from http://the-wealth-mentor.com with another short video. Today I have made this video for you in response to a particular question I get asked a lot, and that is “How do I start an Information Marketing Business online?”
Well. I’m here to tell you that it is quite simple really and not that difficult, but before I get into that, let’s take a look at what Information Marketing is? Because you can have an information marketing business offline as well, it does not have to be online, today however I want to focus mainly on the internet marketing arena, so I’m talking about an information marketing business online. OK, what is an information marketing business, well, in a nutshell, what you do as an information marketer is provide information for people who are looking for it. Now let’s think about this, probably you’ve used Google, most people have used Google, maybe you’ve used another search engine but 95% of people who search online use Google.

So let’s say you’ve gone into Google and typed in a search term because you are looking for some information, me as a marketer, will be looking at what you are looking for and then I will provide you with the information. That’s what you do as an information marketer OK? So you’re looking to find out what people are searching for, you’re going to get it for them, and then you are going to give it to them. That’s three, that’s the three stages really, let’s go over that again, as an information marketer, what you want to do is find out what people are looking for, go and get it for them, then give it to them. OK, that’s it. Now, what I’m going to tell you is this, most people say to me, OK that’s great, but how do I go about doing that?

Well, again there’s processes involved, it’s not something you can sit down and dream up some sort of product that you think people are looking for, you have to do your research obviously so there is processes involved but it’s a simple three step process, it’s a three step system that I can show you that works, OK? And the beauty for you today, while your watching this video, I can give you that three step process absolutely free OK? If you want to go ahead and look at this three step process right now, all you have got to do is to click on the link below the video and that will take you over to my FREE report that you can download today, and begin using today to start your own information marketing business online, OK?

Now I will tell you this, the processes, and the steps and the instructions that are contained in the free report that you are going to download today require some action, OK, there is no point just reading it, in fact I will tell you if all you are going to do is read it you may as well not even bother with it, only download the report if you are going to follow what it says inside that you need to do today, to start your own information marketing business online, today! OK, only use it, or download it, if you are going to use it. If not you are wasting your time and you are wasting my time OK? So this is what I want you to do at the end of this video, Click the link, that’s going to take you over to a special page where you are going to be asked for your name and email address ok? enter them and make sure it’s the most frequent email address that you use and that you open and look at on a regular basis OK? what you’ll get then, is a confirmation email from me asking you to confirm that it WAS you who requested the information.

Unless you do that, you will not gain access to this free report, you have to CONFIRM that it was you that requested the information, THEN you’ll be sent a link to a download page where you can go and download the free report. By the way, in case you hadn’t guessed, also what you’ll be doing then is subscribing to my email newsletter which is a weekly newsletter, ok, once a week, now within that newsletter will be more free tips for you to use that will help you to build your online information marketing business. So, it’s a good idea to ensure that you do use the email address that you use most frequently and the one that you can read on a daily basis, OK? and by the way when you are checking for the emails make sure you check your junk mail folder because sometimes they end up there. Now I can hear you saying already not another email address I’ve subscribed to , listen this is a bit of free advice for you, free advice and this is me being honest, download the report, at least download the report, because the information in that report is invaluable and can make you millions of dollars like it has many other people that have used it.

So, go and download the report, you NEED it. http://the-wealth-mentor.com

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