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Locksmith Marketing – Websites, Mobile Websites, SEO, Social Media, Video and Leads

This short video touches the key points to be considered for marketing a locksmith business online. Visit http://1st4biz.org/locksmith-marketing for more info.
For improving your Locksmith Marketing the priority and the item with the quickest payback is to have a website. This will give people the Trust which is important in this profession to call. Whilst not having the figures for locksmiths, research has shown that people expect companies to have websites and 30-80% will not use a company if they do not have a website. The figure of 80% is for financial services, Locksmiths will be towards the high end of this scale.
If you have a website it needs to be better than your competitors, it is so easy for people to compare versus your competitors and then make a decision. So have you checked your website versus your competitors recently.
You want to encourage visitors to take action when they visit your website – so make sure the action you want them to take is very visible – either a phone number or a contact form.
To work well your website needs a number of key elements to increase the percentage of people who take action. Do you have visible testimonials? An “About Us” page that introduces potential clients to you. This should include your experience and reference to any bodies that you are members of.
If you offer more complicated and expensive solutions such as barriers, alarms and safes it is a good idea to offer a give away educational booklet. An example might be how to choose an alarm for your house. To download this they have to give an email. This will then allow standard emails to be sent to follow up automatically. Research shows that often it can take 6 contacts before someone will buy. Publishing this type of book will help develop you and your business as the local expert. Most marketing companies will help you write a booklet for you. We have a standard one that we can adapt for your specific locality and business “
If you offer emergency locksmith service 24/7 then you must make sure your website is easy to view on a smartphone. Check, some websites will not even show, others are almost impossible to navigate. There are two main types of mobile website, a responsive one that changes with the dimensions of the screen. This is cheaper and with a good design can be a good solution. The alternative is to add a dedicated mobile website that switches to it on small screens. This is great if you have an existing website that is not mobile friendly. It is the best solution but a bit more expensive.
So now you have the best Locksmith website in the world it is now a good time to “Be Found”! Online this is to be found in the Search Engines and in the UK it is Google which accounts for around 90% of the volume. It is important to be on Page 1 of Google and the closer to the top the better. In position 1 around 40% of people click, whilst in position 2 only 25% and position3 get 10% click through. Only 5% go to page 2. For more on Locksmith SEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8mylg5Ed6g
Other types of marketing for your Locksmith business include the use of Social Media to increase awareness in your local area whether London or remote Surrey Hills.
Video Marketing is increasingly important with a lot of people spending a lot of time on Youtube. Videos (good or bad) increase engagement and lead to higher actions e.g. phone calls. So place some videos on your website. The videos can also be ranked in Google on their own.
Advertising is a great way of turning on business when you need it. Often summer / autumn can be a quiet time so well worth doing some adverts then. They are also useful for new businesses or those that are going into a new area.
If you want to concentrate on your business you may want to consider buying leads. Companies like us will sell you leads from customers. The advantage of these leads are that they are targeted, you do not need a website and the contract period is often very short.
So lots of options, so just choose one and implement it, then another. It takes time and we would love to put a program together for you, so why not ring us and we will see what we can do for you.
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