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Marketing Company Sudbury- Need a Marketing Agency in Sudbury? The Best Marketing Strategy

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Hiring Navigator Marketing as your marketing agency on call is the most effective way to enhance your marketing strategy leverage your marketing budget.

It is not one marketing campaign; it is about having a team that grows with you to understand the intricacies of your business. A team that knows your business products, services and culture inside out. A team that can easily translate your message using cutting-edge marketing & technology…. internally, locally and world-wide.

When you partner with Navigator Marketing as your Marketing Agency on Call, we act as your team of strategic planners, internet marketers, website designers, copy writers and social media staff…all at a fraction of the cost of employing an entire team in-house.

You can count on the Navigator team to be well-versed at the latest cutting-edge marketing technologies, tools and their impact on your business niche.

Our team offers your company diverse skills and competencies:

■Mobile Website Design
■Website Design and Programming
■Marketing Company
■Website Hosting
■Copy Writing — Content Writing
■Online Newsletters & E-mail Campaigns
■E-flip Magazines & Catalogues with video, audio & ecommerce
■Graphic Design
■Corporate Branding
■Greeting and Postcard Promotions
■Video E-mail Signatures
■Social Media Strategy & Execution
■LinkedIn, Facebook Fanpages & YouTube Channels
■Ebooks and White Papers
■News Article Development
■Media Release Distribution
■Strategic Planning

Some say they can do it all….we say we can do it all….well.. When you’re looking for that competitive advantage, give our team a call.

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Email: dlarsen@navigatormarketing.ca

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