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Mobile Websites v Mobile Apps by Top Edge Marketing

Top Edge Marketing at http://www.topedgemarketing.com.au provides cutting edge marketing solutions to local small, medium & large businesses. Our solutions will put your business ahead of your competitors at all time, giving you great online presence, brings you more customers to you door and put more money into your pocket.

We always follow the latest technology & trends in the internet presence & marketing using the latest & sophisticated software platforms.

We Develop Mobile Websites & Apps for Apple & Android Market & Provide SMS, QR, GPS, Proximity Marketing and more…

Mobile Website v Mobile Apps

If your have a local business and you are interested in looking into mobile solutions, you may get confused by the different options available.

Don’t worry, we’re going to keep it simple and straight to the point and break down the differences between a mobile website and a mobile application and how they can benefit your business.

A mobile website is very much like any website you see on the internet. The main difference being it’s optimised for mobile devices. Now this can make much easier for people on the move.

The main issue for mobile websites is they can’t use many of the mobile native features.

Now, some of these futures can play a massive role in your business.

A mobile application can do everything your mobile website can do and loads more.

Now, what makes a mobile application more powerful is that they can tap in and utilise all the phone functionality as the application stored on your mobile phone.

Now, here’s the most important part distinguishing the difference between a mobile App and a mobile website for a local business is all down to the way your customers come to find them.

A mobile website is usually found when your customers go through search engine or clicks on direct link through referrals.

A mobile application work most effective when used inside your business, so when your customers come in you get them to download the mobile application and use the native functions like push notifications and loyalty card. You can re-market to you already proven to buy customers.

This is where most business owners make a mistake of thinking they only need one mobile website is vital to make sure your customers can find you in first place.

The mobile application is essential, so you can re-market to those customers once they came in to your store.

The combination of the two will bring the consistent stream of fresh leads and will make your customers to come more often. These are two of the most effective and proven ways to raise your monthly revenue.

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