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Online Marketing, Identifying a niche TARGET Market

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Search engines reward web sites that are consistent with their topic and message. In addition, NICHE markets are much easier to break into as far as the search engines are concerned, than general searches. For example, if I am a generalist, and I want to be listed on page one of Google for “Las Vegas Real Estate”, I’m going to be going head to head with the top sponsors that have the willingness and budget to out spend me in order to be featured on page one of Google. Now, it can be done. It absolutely can be done. But it will take longer, it will cost you a lot of money, and it will typically not bring you the same search engine domination that niche markets will.

Keep Your Story Focused
Can you tell more than one story? Sure. But it may be better to do it on niche sites, rather than to try and make one site the “everything goes” site. This needs to be your choice, of course. There is value to building one site with fresh content, rather than trying to saturate your efforts by feeding multiple sites. But you need to be clear early on with which strategy you are going to proceed, and how you will make sure that strategy is effective.

Examples of Niche Sites
For real estate, examples of Niche sites might be as follows:
A Buyer Site that primarily features homes for sale via an IDX feed.

A Seller Site that primarily features market data, home values, selling tips
and guides

A Vanity Site – This is the all about you site, designations, awards, experiences
Any other specialties, such as:
Short Sales
Ranch Homes
Waterfront Homes
Geographic Farming Area’s / Localism
Age Qualified Communities

First Time Home Buyers, etc.

So the challenge here is figuring out which niche is best for you, and with which
one you should begin. You can always build on it later, and grow your empire as big you want to grow it. You can even have hundreds of niche sites, but the key is starting with one, and dominating the search engines so that your energy and efforts are not diluted. You don’t want to run with 1/2 your battery life. You want FULL power in this baby. Do it right in the beginning, and you can always expand later, and do so on a solid platform.

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