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Restaurant Marketing Help

http://www.www.ClaimYourMobile.com – Fast and affordable ways to get more people into your restaurant during slow days.

Your restaurant is your life!

You work hard every day to serve your customers.

Some days are great.

Some days are a little slow.

Some days make you wonder…

What can you do to give your business a boost and get more people in the door when it’s slow?

It might be more simple than you think.

Empty tables are opportunities.

No matter what time of the day…

There are ways to fill them.

Have you considered mobile marketing?

Over 90% of mobile phone users keep their phone within reach 24/7.

That means you can pull customers back in vertually ‘on demand’.

This is John. He’s a customer of yours.

He’s about to get a text message…from you.

FROM: 555-1212
Come in today between now and 5pm for a free dessert with your meal.

Ummm, that sounds good!

John can’t resist.

So he heads into your restaurant.

Your day is starting to look better!

But, how did John get your message?

Easy, check out this simple sign.

Call 555-1212 to get on our special VIP list and get discounts and freebies not available anywhere else.

As your VIP list grows, filling tables gets a lot easier.

Let us show you how.

Contact us today using the Code Words: Fill My Talbes Please!



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