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Ryerson Marketing Association (RMA) Team Introduction

Fostered by the downtown core RMA came together to serve the interests of marketing majors and minors, and open doors to boundless networks and possibilities, by creating a unique and collaborative culture.

The Ryerson Marketing Association is a group of unique individuals, a mix of thinkers and makers who work together without silos in the era of constant and rapid change to transform knowledge and trends into EXPERIENCES, broaden students’ understanding of marketing, and deliver a wide range of opportunities to boost their careers.

To be in marketing you have to be HUNGRY.
Hungry for smarter,
hungry for disruptive,
hungry enough to discover more.

You need a HUNGER to make it.

So let us show you how to be in marketing.

Director/Producer/Editor – Mike Regis
Drone – WayUpFilms
OP: Ren Boston

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