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Tax Marketing – How To Market Your Income Tax Service Business

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How To Market Your Income Tax Service Business
When you’re running a tax preparation business, your top concern should be Tax Marketing in addition to hiring qualified preparers, staying consistent with new tax rules and assuring that you have the latest software. But one issue that you should prioritize if you want a successful operation is how to market your tax preparation business with all of the competition that arises at tax time. Remember what many customers are looking for from a tax preparer when forming your marketing plan—capability, professionalism and assurance that the preparer will produce the best result possible. Your Tax Marketing Plan should include Tax Marketing Videos to help spread the word on Google, YouTube, Facebook and all your social media pages and on your website.

Certified public accountants (CPAs) and tax preparers who own their own small businesses have A LOT on their plates. On top of everything that comes with running a business — paying bills, hiring qualified employees, keeping up with new tax laws — you need to MARKET your tax services.

Well, I hope I can make that last one easier on you… More specifically:

Marketing your accounting and tax preparation services during tax season is what Tax Marketing is all about.

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