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The COMPLETE ** 2016 ** SEO Guide – Basic to Advanced Course FREE

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  1. Salina Akhtar says:

    Why is Exact Match domain Risky?

  2. Kyle Stroshein says:

    So you say emd is not effective anymore, what are your thoughts on .com vs. org vs .net vs. .fun .company etc…

  3. John Hofmann says:

    backlinks are hardly important anymore lmfao

  4. Philippine Outsourcers says:

    SEO can make the content of your web pages more relevant, more attractive, and more easily read by search engines and their crawling and indexing software.

  5. Steven B. says:

    Really, all you saw was cheesy smiles? We are going to have to take back your man card.

  6. Dissent Skateshop says:

    Great video so far as i'm watching it. I have a quick question on the 'lose pages – lose rankings' part. I have an e-commerce website and of course I sell out of products and get new ones regularly. I can't keep pages live for old products that are sold out as it would just mean i've got loads of stuff on the site that isn't available to buy so I need to delete certain product pages etc….what do you recommend in situations like this?

  7. franc66 says:

    Thanks a lot!

  8. Vblogskk says:

    i did it thx

  9. Celeste “Jo” Lombard says:

    great video.

  10. Ajeet Bawa says:

    very helpful video.A great presentation

  11. Craig Anthony says:

    6:50 . could you please ellaborate on this ?

  12. Negocios .Travel says:

    One question, you said no links from articles? What if a well ranked online newspaper or magazine talks about my site and puts a link, that helps or not? Thanks Josh.

  13. Negocios .Travel says:

    Thank you Josh! Great info. Go Texas!

  14. Loud N'Fast Toronto says:

    Wow, this is terrific! Thanks Josh!

  15. Fu Bu says:

    Nice Vid, but what happened with the audio? Is that a Fishtank in the background? ;)

  16. Nodir Sharofov says:

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  17. candid0111 says:

    Hi. good vid. Can someone tell me one of the sites he mentions that is ranking without backlinks?

  18. Haroon Ashraf says:


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