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The Definition of Marketing

Young Whitehouse and the 4 seasons
Cookin up the market u know that we got it seasoned
Man what’s the point of this, what’s the reason?
Hold up you know that we got the meaning

So what’s marketing
What that is?
How well we can appeal our products benefits
So what’s marketing
What that is?
Check your definition it may need a fix

SKYLER (NIKE): About to walk into the mall what should I get
Will Nike know how I consume and understand
There’s a customers a customer value that is created cuz I keep comin back cuz the check is just so famous
And that is why they have returning customers (that’s me)
Needs wants and demands so close together but not similar
Cuz Nike wants you to form a need to their product a wants a form of a need but man I really wanna buy it (these shoes brand new)
When you’re talking marketing all the little things matter what does Nikes Market offer man they gotta have some value because that’s how they separate themselves from all these other brands that be in the market constantly changing

So what’s marketing
What that is?
How well we can appeal our products benefits
So what’s marketing
What that is?
Check your definition it may need a fix

GERM (SCHEELS): Macro environment issues make sure that u remember, this ain’t a movie but try to see the bigger picture cuz even in my store they have all 6 environments (if you don’t know em let Germ be your enlightenment)
First there’s demographics and human populations, the store is located in Lincoln and that’s great because there are many races gender and occupations
Then economic that’s consumer spending do I keep coming back how much lending (mom I need a 20)
Natural is resources like plastic bags at check I need 20 I be poppin tags
But you see technological is big too and there website will get you right where you want it to
Political is laws and agencies that influence individuals in given society’s
Finally do they have society’s trends? I think they do because I see birks in women’s and men’s

JAMES (OLD NAVY): I’m not Old but I like the color Navy you may laugh but that’s my decision process I’m just sayin
When I want clothes I look up information first
Evaluate the items some I like and some are hurt (James what is that)
I go through the influence adoption process
I have awareness, interest, and evaluate my options
Next their product and its influence what’s their advantage cuz I’ll go to goodwill if there’s a chance that will they have it
But I’m good cuz on my budget they make me feel so lavish
And they communicate great they’re deals are what I find attractive

HESER (Eddie Bauer): Eddie Bauer they have price and distribution
Price is how much it’s gonna cost if you’re into it
Distribution is based on where and what you buy they won’t have Parka’s in Cali it’s way too hot and dry
Every company also has a product life cycle, introduction growth maturity decline
New seasons come and go and the trends sometimes die but the best companies that stay around adapt every time

HOUSE (Polo):

You know what goin down, market segmentation
Polo on my crown all you lames continue hatin
Or I may turn my collar down no need for explanation, market segmentation market (wait)
Ralph’s market is made of many things, womens and mens even kid’s can dress like kings
And when they meet customers needs, that’s market targeting
Product positioning yeah they got it I rather have Polo cuz all the kids about it
(Yo what’s in your bag?) That’s a product and it satisfies both a need and want in the market
But with that also comes a Service
An activity that creates a benefit for sale like 20% off with your purchase
Polo having a good brand is crucial too cuz if it isn’t Ralph you can spot the fake on you
You need a name, a term, maybe sign or a symbol cuz how would people know to go without traffic signals

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