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The SEO ranking factor you MUST master in 2017 (and beyond)

If you want to rank in Google today, there’s a new SEO ranking factor to pay attention to.

And if you optimize for this factor you can find yourself with higher rankings.

And if you ignore it?

Well let’s just say you’re missing out on A TON of high-quality traffic.

So check out the video to learn more about this increasingly-important SEO ranking factor.

Here’s some other cool stuff you’ll learn in today’s video:

– The simple process you can use to get higher Google rankings…without backlinks (yes, really)

– How the “APP Formula” makes users (and Google) love your content

– The simple trick I use to increase the perceived value of my content by at least 2x.

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  1. John James Spilker says:

    Excellent video. In some respects you reiterate what I learned in Journalism 101 many decades ago. It's easy to forget these things and get caught up in overwriting.

  2. Ciprian Ciprian says:

    my, my, you have used the app formula in this video a lot 🙂
    how does google know if the readers are exiting your page?

  3. álvaro prata says:

    Great content Brian. I liked and Subscribed your channel. I'm just starting my on-line projects and this content helped me a lot. I'd like to know what software you use to edit your videos ?

  4. Leonattus says:

    I've just tried my best to apply all of this to my blog. Fingers crossed it has a positive impact. Thank you none the less for all the tips.

  5. shekhar sharma says:

    amazing video

  6. Football-ManagerYouthDevelopment says:

    Bucket Brigades for the win.

  7. M.A. 2.0 says:

    hey brian! You're my nigga lol I like your videos

  8. LoudQuery says:

    Brian is the best person in SEO industry. we are following him from long time.

  9. agenthelios1 says:

    Its one thing to say that you have 2 seconds to get the visitors attention…this is not true. The "2 second" rule may apply to losers (who are broke and tire-kicking), but people who are actually looking to spend money aren't really swayed by these tactics and want something worth their time and of value. So why do you want to focus on the 90% of losers online who don't take action anyway. People who take action aren't bound by these "2 second rules" and other contrived nonsense.

  10. Brian Gorman says:

    excellent. and this isn't some "how to sucker people" scheme – he backs it up with excellent on-page content. loving the youtube channel too, looking forward to more!

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