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This Week’s Marketing News. McKayla’s Not Impressed: Marketing Update 8/10/12

This Week’s Marketing News. McKayla’s Not Impressed: Marketing Update 8/10/12 from Marketing Update on HubSpot.tv. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Marketing Update on HubSpot.tv on Blip! http://blip.tv/marketing-update/watch

This week on the Marketing Update, Andrew Quinn and Ellie Mirman discuss marketers collecting useless analytics, search being undervalued but driving brand perception, top reasons to like a company in social media, brilliant social media marketing coming from Charmin, and Somalia Olympic team raising donations.

Episode #213 – August 10, 2012
This Weekapos;s Marketing News. McKaylaapos;s Not Impressed


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Marketers Collect Useless Analytics

Recent research by Econsultancy and Lynchpin found that the majority of marketers find less than half of their web analytics data useful for decision making (25% said 25% of their data was useful)
In many cases, web analytics are not tied to broader business metrics or strategies – 48% said they either don?t have a business intelligence strategy or don?t have their analytics integrated with business plans
Thankfully, 40% have key performance indicators (KPIs) for web and non-web data, 22% have common teams/processes for web and non-web, 11% have common technology for web and non-web
Time or experience doesn?t necessarily help – these numbers are worse than last year?s, and marketers surveyed were less likely to say that analytics definitely drove actionable recommendations
Why are marketers collecting data if they?re not using it or not finding it valuable?
The rate of technological change is increasing exponentially – see the cool infographic posted on Marketing Pilgrim
Is technology moving so fast that we can?t keep up? Are we collecting data without thinking about why?
Marketing Takeaway: No matter how fast you want to move, or jump on new trends or technologies, never lose sight of your goal. Don?t gather data for the sake of it, gather it because it answers a question, and don?t forget what questions you want to answer.
Search Undervalued, But Drives Brand Perception

Surprise surprise: search matters!
Some recent studies by AYTM Market Research and Weber Shandwick support the importance of search as part of effective online marketing
63% of US internet users use search engines every day. 21% fairly often.
The top 3 factors that influence perceptions about companies are:
What people say (88%)
Online reviews (83%)
Online search results (81%)
Ranked 8th – Advertising at 56%
The is equally important: the absence of a brand from search results has the potential influence consumers to think a brand is not important in the context of a particular search.?
Marketing Takeaway: Even though social media is such a hot topic for inbound marketers, search is very big part of inbound marketing equation. Understanding your most important keywords and optimizing for search is still very important.
Top Reasons to Like a Company in Social Media

Deals and discounts are no longer the #1 driver of social media follows
Less than a year ago, the top reasons to follow a brand were to receive special deals/discounts (41%), be entertained, and share engaging content
44% US social network users said they liked to engage with pictures, 40% with regular updates, 37% with videos, 36% with jokes/cartoons/memes
Top reasons for ?liking? a company in social media are:
59% customers (shop there or purchased their product)
45% deals/insider knowledge
38% read/keep tabs
38% new product/location info
29% like company/brand posts
27% want to be associated with the brand
26% like direct connection to brand
23% friends like it
18% work there or know someone who does
Marketing Takeaway: Your followers want to be entertained – engage them with different forms of content.
Can a Big Brand Wipe the Competition on Social Media?

Brilliant social media marketing coming from Charmin

Clever content, and great hashtags: #tweetfromtheseat, #sitorsquat, plus a Sit or Squat app that helps you find the cleanest public restrooms
Some of our favorite tweets:
If Monday were being rated as a bathroom on our app, it would be listed as a big, fat SQUAT. #tweetfromtheseat #SitOrSquat
Looks like itapos;s going to be a ginormous latte w/4 extra espresso shots kind of day. (weapos;re bringing the Charmin w

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