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Video Marketing Solutions Top Sites | Best Video Marketing Sites

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With the recent rise in popularity of Pinterest, we’re even more convinced of our theory that pictures and video are the future of social media and so we wanted to provide you with the video marketing solutions top sites.

Black Box Social Media originally started as a result of offering video edits and syndication for clients that wanted to establish an online presence through video marketing. While we’ve tried a lot of the video marketing solutions top sites, the king of video marketing solutions is definitely Traffic Geyser.

Traffic Geyser is a video marketing solution that submits the videos that you create to video social networking sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc. After you create a video of your product or service, you then use Traffic Geyser to submit it to various online video sites like YouTube. In essence, people familiar with tools that submit articles to article directories will find that Traffic Geyser does the same thing but with videos.

Traffic Geyser saves you tons of time by distributing your video content to tons of sites instead of submitting to all of these directories on your own. It automates the task of content distribution, and allows you to focus on content creation. Videos perform well in Google organic search so this is a super powerful way of getting your content found. One of the primary reason people are attracted towards Traffic Geyser is to increase their Google dominance. They use the tool primarily to increase their chances of appearing in Google Search results.


Most of us in the internet marketing space agree that one of the best tools in the toolbelt of video marketers is Easy Video Player. If you are going to be embedding videos onto your website then Easy Video Player offers an easy way to publish your videos on ANY website within seconds, embed “buy now” buttons directly inside your videos, add email opt-in forms inside your videos, add eye catching, clickable ‘Overlays’ to your videos, and much more. This tool is used and recommended by some of the biggest internet marketers in the world and so we definitely wanted to include it in this list of video marketing solutions top sites.


We often talk to business owners that want to utilize the power of video marketing but are not comfortable being in front of the camera. Article To Video Robot is a spectacular tool for those camera shy folks and is a huge time saver for those that just want to throw a quick video together based upon an article that they’ve written.


Now we’re a little biased here with the video marketing solutions top sites training option, because we are going to refer to our own training program ‘Social Media In 7 Minutes.’ Social Media in 7 Minutes has an entire training module that covers YouTube setup, optimization, video creation, interacting, and many little ninja tips for getting your videos ranked in YoSocial Media In 7 Minutes is just one part of the entire Social Media In 7 Minutes course which covers many other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.


There are many, many products and programs available that can assist with your video marketing, but the video marketing solutions top sites that we have listed are sites that we have used for our business and are also used by many of the top internet marketers for their businesses. We definitely encourage you to begin using video marketing to promote your business and highly suggest that you check out the sites listed in this article to help you gain a competitive edge.

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