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WEVA News: ClickZ online marketing publication & ClickZ Academy

WEVA News catches up with Matt McGowan, Marketing Director, Online Marketing, Incisive Media at SES Chicago to talk about ClickZ and the secret to effective internet marketing.

Bruce Himmelblau with WEVA News. We’re here with Matt McGowan from ClickZ here in Chicago at SES Chicago. WEVA News www.weva.com
Matt, what is ClickZ and how can it help the independent videographer?
ClickZ is a publication, online marketing publication. So specifically … we speak to small businesses, enterprise level businesses, Fortune 500s about how they can improve their online marketing strategies, what tactics they should be executing on. To cover this cross email, social media, search, PPC, SEO, affiliate so on and so forth. So we cover all channels and really our goal is just really help marketers do their jobs better.

And so we have free newsletters that are written by industry practitioners. We have 60 people who write for ClickZ. All of them work in the industry and are actively working in the industry. That’s one of our main requirements. So we have free newsletters that you can sign up for at ClickZ.com. We have an academy which is an e-learning and online learning platform we call the ClickZ Academy which basically it’s taken our 14 years of SES Conference expertise and we brought it online for those who just can’t travel…timing’s wrong for the event. It’s available 24/7 anywhere in the world. At ClickZAcademy.com.

And then we bring SES. We bring this event to about 12 cities around the world. Asia, Europe and the United States. Again, to facilitate networking, facilitate education in the online marketing space. Like I said earlier, we’re all about helping marketers do their jobs better.

Thank you very much. This is Bruce Himmelblau from WEVA News.

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