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Yonego News Network #3 | Internet Marketing News May 2016

YNN Episode 3 | Internet Marketing News May 2016

Content in YNN:
Video ads are coming to Pinterest:
Your Pinterest experience is about to get richer and more interactive — with video ads, that is. Video ads have been a consideration for the company for almost a year, with the launch of Cinematic Pinsin May of 2015. Digiday reports that a small group of users are being given the ability to test video ads on the image-sharing platform. The company is also testing the video ad product internally.
Sources are saying that the videos autoplay when a user stops scrolling over them. The ideal video length is still being determined.

Google Changes Impact of Ad Formats in Ad Rank:
Google announced that it has adjusted the impact of ad formats in the ad rank formula. This new plan is centered around ad prominence, which AdWords defines as “an estimation of your ad’s visibility on the search results page.” The two factors that affect prominence are ad position and ad formats, such as ad extensions and mega headlines. Google recognizes that advertisers who achieve higher ad position deserve more prominence from robust ad formats. So, its system will no longer allow ads in lower positions to display more ad formats than those at the top of the page.

Facebook starts counting time spent when ranking links in people’s feeds:
Facebook will start counting time spent when considering which third-party links to put in people’s mobile feeds and stop showing so many posts from the same pages. Their news-feed ranking algorithm will now guess at how long you’ll spend checking out an article on your phone when deciding which posts to put in your feed. Facebook’s algorithm already considers the amount of time people spending looking at the posts in their feeds, so now it’s extending that to the third-party pages that those posts may link to. The change will apply to any third-party link that can be displayed in Facebook’s mobile in-app browser or as an Instant Article. This will only apply to organic posts, not ads.

YouTube launches 6-second Bumper video ads to extend TrueView:
YouTube has added a short-form video ad option to its lineup. It’s called Bumper ads and the six-second videos are available through AdWords and sold on a CPM basis. Google is presenting Bumper ads as an add-on to traditional TrueView or Google Preferred campaigns. The short snippets are meant to complement the broader messaging and help extend the reach of a campaign.

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Companies like Nokia and Google have their own devices that are able to record 360-degree videos. Facebook takes this to a whole other level with the Surround 360. The system is the best-designed camera of its kind, thanks to integrated hardware and software designed by the company to work in harmony. The 360 videos can be viewed on Gear VR, Oculus and in the Facebook app, among other places.

Facebook’s revolutionary plans for the next 10 years
Last month’s F8 developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg showed off the company’s 10-year roadmap. While he hasn’t gone into detail about what they want to realize the upcoming decennium, the presentation offers a few hints. The ambitious platform predicts that by 2026 we will all be wearing virtual reality headsets. Also, by then we should be able to talk to computers like they are normal human beings. While all of this seems pretty cool, chances are this will mean that we will have to hand over unprecedented control of our lives to Facebook. Would you pay this price for all the technology that Facebook wants to offer? Write down your vision in the comment section below.

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